Applications and Entrance Assessments

We begin taking Applications for admissions in October of the year before the student is scheduled to start.  We encourage families to contact our Admissions managers directly so they can answer any questions you might have and to gain an appreciation for our programmes.

  Availability for mid-year transfers are possible depending on enrollment.

Parents are asked to complete our Application Form and to submit it to the Admissions Office as this information is required before any applicant will be assessed.

The Application file must include the following:
•   Copy of the student’s previous June Report Card and most recent Report Cards in the current academic year
•   Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate and Passport
•   $250 non–refundable application fee ($300.00 for International & U.S. students)
•   Confidential School Report

Interactive Readiness Assessments are conducted via Zoom or in person (where possible) for applicants entering Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten to determine if the children are ready for our academic programme.  Social interaction and behavioural development is assessed at age appropriate levels.
Assessments into Grades 1 to 3 are comprised of campus developed, student written tests in Language and Mathematics.  Reading is a requirement for the Grade 1 level.
Assessments into Grades 4 to 8 measure the student’s grade level in English Language:  Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Sentence Structure and Mathematics.  There is also a personal interview.  

To study at Fern Hill, elementary school age International students must have a good working knowledge of English to participate fully in class.  We do not have English as a Second Language classes.  To be accepted at Fern Hill, International Students must have a valid Student Visa or a Permanent Resident Card for Grade 1 and up and must be living with a family member.

All students applying to JK through Grade 8, are required to request that their current school complete our Confidential School Report.  The feeder school will email or fax this Confidential School Report directly back to Fern Hill.  No student will be assessed unless we have received our completed Confidential School Report prior to the assessment.

Upon acceptance of the student by Fern Hill, the Registration Agreement and New Student Registration fee must be submitted to secure the student’s space in the class by the due date specified.  Once registration has been confirmed, the parents will be required to pay tuition for the full academic year according to the Fee Schedule.

Tuition fee payments will be arranged through our Accounting office once Registration is complete.

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