Fern Hill School’s Response to COVID-19

We understand the concerns many parents may have when deciding to have their children attend classes in-school or online during COVID-19. With a situation that keeps unfolding, staying flexible is the key to ensuring our students have continuous access to learning.

Our approach to learning and our curriculum remain intact. In order to provide our community with flexibility during the pandemic, we continue to offer concurrent, synchronous instruction so Fern Hill families have flexibility in the level of student participation based on symptoms or circumstances. During COVID-19, the safety of our students and staff continues to be our main priority. As such, Fern Hill is committed to following all directions from the Ministries of Health and Education. In order to keep our community safe, we have implemented a number of safety measures, including:


  • Go Evo COVID-19 Health Screening App – all staff and students are required to complete a healthCOVID-19 Physical Distancing Dots assessment each morning
  • Hepa filter units in all classrooms
  • N95 masks for all staff
  • Screeners at each entry door to ensure screenings are completed
  • Physical distancing dot markers throughout the hallways
  • Touchless toilets and faucets throughout the school
  • Hand sanitizing stations at all entry doors and in each classroom
  • Physical distancing of classroom desks
  • Staggered arrival/dismissal from designated doors
  • Mask breaks outside
  • Separately filtered HVAC units in each classroom

In – Class Learning

Students returning to classrooms will maintain their cohorts from the moment they enter the school until they leave. Our rotation of subject teachers will be maintaining strict protocols as they move through the classes providing the individualized approach to each subject and to each child’s learning level and style that Fern Hill is known for.  Masks will be worn by all staff and students in Grades JK-8 (strongly recommended but optional for preschool students). Students will be given mask breaks during nutrition breaks, recesses and as individually needed.