We understand the concerns many parents may have when deciding to have their children attend classes in-school or online during the current pandemic. With a situation that keeps unfolding, staying flexible is the key to ensuring our students have continuous access to learning.

Our approach to learning and our curriculum remain intact but this year, we are providing concurrent, synchronous instruction so Fern Hill families can choose which level of student participation is best for their child or circumstances. Families can move between In-class attendance and Learn@Home online participation based on a  2-week Learning Block Calendar.

Students who periodically stay home due to illness or isolation can migrate into the online program as needed and migrate back when cleared.

In – Class

Students returning to classrooms will maintain their cohorts from the moment they enter the school until they leave. Our rotation of subject teachers will be maintaining strict protocols as they move through the classes providing the individualized approach to each subject and to each child’s learning level and style that Fern Hill is known for.  Masks will be worn by all staff and students in Grades 1-8 (strongly recommended but optional for Early Years students). Students will be given mask breaks during nutrition breaks, recesses and as individually needed.



Lessons are live-streamed using a combination of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classrooms. Online students join their in-class peers and share the same lessons utilizing these interactive technologies. Materials, texts, and workbooks are picked up in two week packages from the school and assignments are completed in a combination of in-classroom and at home. Where classes are not conducive to Zoom (Phys.Ed, Field Studies), lessons are provided to be followed individually in order to maintain attendance in all classes on the timetable for each day.