Fern Hill School’s Response to COVID-19

We understand the concerns many parents may have when deciding to have their children attend classes in-school. With a situation that keeps unfolding, staying flexible is the key to ensuring our students have continuous access to learning.

Our approach to learning and our curriculum remain intact. During COVID-19, the safety of our students and staff continues to be our main priority. As such, Fern Hill is committed to following all directions from the Ministries of Health and Education. In order to keep our community safe, we have implemented a number of safety measures, including:


  • HEPA filters will be used in all classrooms
  • Regular hand sanitizing and proper hygiene etiquette
  • Enhanced cleaning practices will, including fogging and daily sanitizing of surfaces.
  • Parental responsibility of daily health screening
  • Optimizing the fresh air by opening our screened sliding doors in each classroom
  • Individual HVAC units in each classroom; filters changed regularly and serviced and cleaned 4 times a year
  • Masks are not mandatory; however, students and staff are welcome to continue to mask for as long as they see fit
  • Limited parent numbers in Assembly and designated areas; parents are being asked to avoid being in the classroom hallways