Fern Hill wins 2 Environmental Stewardship Awards!


October 20, 2016

Bill Reed of the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society, presented Fern Hill’s Young Ornithologist Club with an Environmental Stewardship award for their work in creating a successful bluebird trail. The trail consists of a series of nesting boxes strategically placed along a flight path which house nests of bluebirds each spring. The Eastern Bluebird is a native Ontario bird whose numbers have been declining and we are excited to see their flashes of blue  on a more regular basis amongst our foliage.

015a43b242aea39419d59e9d5f52d6173c4d0a4c24On November 10, Conservation Halton awarded Fern Hill with a Watershed Stewardship Award at their annual awards ceremony in Milton. This award recognizes our construction of a rainwater retention garden which protects our water table, encourages native plant species, and feeds the endangered Mottled Duskywing Butterfly. Our students are enjoying learning about water stewardship, monitoring and retention along with fostering this tiny endangered butterfly.