A Rotary Timetable and Subject-Specific Teachers gives us an advantage over other schools

While there are a great many advantages to the Fern Hill School experience, these two aspects allow us to individualize programs for students. This is why parents parents choose Fern Hill — they want an individualized educational experience for their children.

Our subject-specific teaching approach delivers a variety of benefits

We take a high school approach to a daily timetable and designate teachers by their area of specialty, instead of assigning one teacher to each grade. During the six-period Fern Hill day, teachers move from class to class. This type of structure offers a variety of benefits.

Subject-specific teachers are passionate about their subjects. Studies (and our own experience at Fern Hill) show that students remain engaged and perform better with educators who teach with passion.

This type of structure also gives our teachers the framework and the freedom to develop an individualized approach. A child in Grade 2 who is passionate about math is learning from the same teacher who teaches Grade 3 math. This makes it easier for the teacher to develop material to suit a child’s aptitude and enthusiasm to learn more, regardless of grade.

Since teachers are subject-specific, they are not tied to one class for the entire school day, allowing them resource slots available to help children who may be finding a particular area of the curriculum challenging.

Ultimately, this method of teaching allows Fern Hill to offer Grade 9 high school credits to any child in the Grade 7 or 8 class who is ready.

  1. MPM1D (Academic/Principles of Mathematics)
  2. FSF1D (Academic/Core French)
  3. BTT1O (Open elective/ Information & Communication Technology in Business)
Michelle Marchesano

Michelle Marchesano

Culture/Geography Teacher - Burlington

A Rotary Curriculum delivers positive results

Experience has taught us that a Rotary Curriculum creates a richer environment for learning:

  • In a typical elementary school, teachers know the students they teach. At Fern Hill, a rotary timetable allows our teachers to get to know every student in the school.
  • Fern Hill students benefit from individual teaching styles and personalities. No student has the same teacher all day and inevitably, students connect with teachers whose passion for the subject they share, which inspires students to learn more.
  • Shared learning! During regular grade meetings, a teacher will identify a new technique that works well with certain subject matter, a specific child, or even a personality type. The entire teaching group benefits from these meetings.

It’s not only the students who are learning at Fern Hill. We are all committed to lifelong learning — finding new ways to educate and prepare children for the future.

  • Report Cards reflect the experiences of a group of teachers who interact with each child daily, throughout the year. This way, parents get a 360-degree perspective on how their child is doing across subjects.
  • When students graduate from Fern Hill in Grade 8, they’re already well prepared to deal with high school’s Rotary Curriculum.

Come and see the Fern Hill School Advantage in action — learn more about how we engage the hearts and the minds of our students!

Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Geography Grades 5-8 - Phys. Ed Grade 7-8 - Oakville

Derrick Muntwyler

Derrick Muntwyler

Science/Language teacher - Grades 5-8 - Burlington

Karine Dunton

Karine Dunton

French Grades 2, 5, 6, 7, 9 - Oakville

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