“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

The annual school musical is always a hit!

After months of preparation from October through February, our annual school musical is showcased at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Oakville, a venue that truly brings out the best in our talented young performers.  Grades 4 to 8 stage an elaborate, fully scripted and costumed musical and our production of Beauty and the Beast this past school year was sold out!.  Past school musicals include:  Lion King, Cinderella and Music Man Jr. Parents and staff continue to be amazed by the confidence and talent of Fern Hill performers on stage each year.

Advantages to an early start

Fern Hill students have Drama on their timetable from Preschool through Grade 6. An early start in performance and role play establishes confidence before the self-consciousness of the teenage years gains a foothold. Our extended morning assemblies provide frequent opportunities for classes to showcase their dramatic skills individually, and as a group.

Participation in the arts has a high correlation with academic success

In its Impact of the Arts on Canadian Life, the Canadian Council for the Arts shared research that reveals the advantages of keeping the Arts in the school system. A few excerpts from the report …

  • Children who study the arts demonstrate stronger overall academic performance.
  • Arts programs improve students’ self confidence, build communication and problem-solving skills … and prepare young people to be the resourceful and creative problem solvers that employers seek for today’s work force.
  • The arts develop the kind of innovative minds and creative skills drawn upon by the entertainment, advertising, design, technical, scientific and other industries that enable businesses to compete successfully in the 21st century workplace.

Read more here: canadacouncil.ca/council/resources/arts-promotion/arts-promo-kit/part2#partD

Every child is an artist

Our ongoing commitment to the dramatic arts will make sure that Fern Hill students graduate as strong academics, while holding fast to their imagination and creativity.

Learning a role in a dramatic production is about exploring and understanding human relationships — it requires imagination, creativity, social awareness, and empathy. Students as actors explore the dynamics of personal relationships working collaboratively. Fern Hill’s drama programme provides a safe place for them to experience the jitters and joys of performance, and the exhilarating feelings that come with a successful production following a long rehearsal schedule.

The artist at work: Fern Hill’s drama teachers are also professional performers

Just as our Art teachers are studio artists, Fern Hill’s Drama teachers are actors with a love of performing. These teachers share their training with students in class, but their love of the art and dedication to the students is best reflected in the hours they commit after school to our elaborate annual drama productions.

Getting children involved in the arts is essential. Parents know this intuitively!

It comes naturally to most parents to sing to their babies, dance with their toddlers, make up bedtime stories, and generally encourage creativity in children in a variety of ways. Sadly, many schools have done away with drama programs. At Fern Hill, we believe that theatre and the dramatic arts are as essential to educating the whole child as sports, music, visual arts, and learning a new language,