Grades 5 & 6 – Building on the Foundation

Grades 5 & 6By Grades 5 & 6, our students have a solid foundation in studying and preparation for school and as their maturity grows, so do the expectations and opportunities we set out for them.

Math, French, Language, History and Geography continue and Science is expanded to include lab work. At this point, some students are already working above grade level in order to graduate from Grade 8 with secondary school credits in Academic Mathematics (MPM1D), French (FSF1D) and Information & Communication Technology in Business (BTT10)

Overnight trips are introduced in Grades 5 & 6 and grow in length and distance as the students move up in the school. Sharing these adventures in the company of classmates and teachers allows the students to feel secure, building the confidence they need to travel abroad in Grade 7 and 8.

PaintingEasels-4Grade 5 students write exams in core subjects twice during the school year. These comprehensive tests are preceded by a review period during which we teach study and test-writing strategies. By the time students leave Fern Hill they are well prepared for high school exams, where marks will influence university admission.

In Grade 5, music includes vocal instruction and introduces instrumental band (woodwind, brass, and percussion) taught by qualified teachers who are also musicians. The school bands perform at most special assemblies and are showcased at our annual spring Music night.

Introduced In Grade 5

  • Exams
  • Band/Instrumental Music
  • Overnight trips

Introduced In Grade 6

  • Exams in more subjects
  • Proficiency awards (based on exam average)
  • Overnight trips – 2 nights

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