Oakville FacultyOakville Faculty is Top Notch – Subject -Specific Teachers Set Us Apart

Subject-specific teaching by the Oakville Faculty is designed to deliver curriculum by professional highly trained educators who have studied extensively in the fields that they are teaching.  Teachers who have studied Math, teach Math.  Teachers, who have studied Science, teach Science.  This approach works extremely well in an elementary school setting and Fern Hill is top notch at delivering it.  Our teachers are experts who are passionate about their field of study.  They inspire the joy of learning and are committed to instilling confidence and building the skills that students need to succeed.

At Fern Hill School Oakville, we begin this method of subject-specific teaching with our youngest students in Preschool, where they learn French, Vocal Music, Library, Mandarin, Computers and Physical Education taught by specialists, as well as their three core teachers, who teach Language, Mathematics and Culture.  By Grade 5, Homeroom teachers and subject-specific teachers for Art, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Life Management, French, Geography, History, Technology, Language, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science teach our students.

We engage outstanding faculty who are passionate and highly trained because we believe they transfer their vibrant energy and expertise on to each student throughout the learning process.