Morning Assembly at Fern Hill

Assembly-9Each morning, the entire student body gathers for Morning Assembly. Without staff involvement, classes take turns leading the assembly each week. Students assume various roles: announcers, reporters and performers etc.. It’s an opportunity to share their talents in front of their peers, building confidence, courage and a sense of community.

Speaking or performing in front of a crowd is taken in stride

Imagine, your Grade 5 child testing you on the interesting facts he has prepared for the entire student body. Your Grade 2 child confidently tells you about the poem she read or the piece she played on the piano. Sharing the experience with classmates, as part of a regular classroom expectation, gives students the courage to stand in front of the school and be themselves. Assemblies teach students how to be a supportive and accepting audience, knowing their turn is just a few weeks away. By the time Fern Hill students graduate, addressing a crowd is a familiar experience, handled with decorum and finesse.

Mornings are magic at Fern Hill

Students love Morning Assembly and the tradition gives our school community roots. As the school year progresses, students get to know each other through introductions at Morning Assembly. Congratulations on a well-executed (or particularly funny) joke, or an interesting fact are shared as students pass each other in the halls. High fives are common. Accolades abound. Bonds form across grades, based on shared interests and admiration.

We encourage parents to join us for Morning Assembly. A perfect start to a day is watching your child or even a preschool class confidently lead an entire school through the daily order of Assembly. The talents exhibited by our students are always inspirational.

Parents say there is a special feeling at Fern Hill and that it is best felt at Morning Assembly.

Drop in to our Morning Assembly. We know that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.