Dedicated to excellence

At Fern Hill School we foster an environment dedicated to excellence. Not only is it our school motto, but it is displayed proudly at the front of the school and it appears on each child’s blazer; a daily reminder and motivator for students. Dedication is the quality of being committed to a task or purpose. Excellence is the quality of being outstanding. Dedication fosters excellence.

As our students start with us at age three, everything is new and exciting. If we can instill confidence that through dedication they can achieve excellence, we can foster a willingness and curiosity to learn. As a school community, we embody this philosophy in all aspects of daily life. We encourage students to demonstrate dedication to excellence in all things they do.


Learning inspired by passion

Our teachers exemplify the qualities of dedication and excellence and our faculty is one of the wonderful things that sets us apart from other schools. At Fern Hill, learning happens through a highly trained teaching staff of subject-specific educators. Typically, elementary schools have one teacher per class and that teacher is a generalist, teaching all subjects. Our teachers are chosen based on their passion and ability as subject specialists. Since we opened in 1982, we have witnessed the marvelous outcomes that emerge from this type of teaching approach. Enthusiasm for a subject brings a vibrant and compelling energy to the learning environment and students do better when taught by passionate teachers. Fern Hill’s rotary timetable gives teachers a framework and the freedom to adapt programs to fit each student’s personal passions and learning style. It is truly an enriched approach to learning.


An environment rich with possibilities

Fern Hill’s environment is diverse, engaging and supportive. Students are expected to interact in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Academic integrity and good work habits are stressed in all aspects of the programme. Class sizes are small and the school atmosphere is intimate, so we get to know each other well. Membership in this close-knit community teaches good character and the importance of empathy. At Fern Hill, we appreciate each other’s strengths and hold our differences in high regard.

Our broad range of subjects, academic challenges, sports, clubs, performances, day outings and extended trips present rich and varied opportunities for learning. With a supportive school community and caring staff behind them, students are encouraged to take age-appropriate risks and reach for new challenges. We teach them that trial and error are hallmarks of life and part of the journey to success, but failing to try is truly an opportunity lost.


Success is the outcome!

Through our commitment to academics, character development, and a philosophy that teaches students to approach learning with curiosity and courage, Fern Hill graduates are confident individuals, well-prepared for success in high school and in life.

We live our philosophy daily. Come and see it in action.

If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.

Colin Powell

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