“Every child, regardless of how bright they are, should experience some degree of struggle in their work every day. It is the struggle that lets us experience success and success that gives us confidence to reach.”

Wendy Derrick - Founder and Director

At Fern Hill School, we believe that with a strong foundation, there are no limits to how far a child can go. During the years from Grade 6 to Grade 8, Fern Hill’s enriched approach to learning gives students the option of working beyond grade level to attain Grade 9 credits (accredited through the Ontario Ministry of Education). We currently offer three Grade 9 credits – MTH1W (Mathematics), FSF1D (Academic/Core French) and BTT1O (Open elective/ Information & Communication Technology in Business)


Three significant advantages to completing Grade 9 credits while still at Fern Hill:

  • Students can work ahead in Math and French through to their grade 12 courses, with room to upgrade a course if a year-end mark needs a bump for university applications.
  • Students can broaden their high school experience — extra space in their timetable for electives lets them explore other subjects, or interests that might open up unexpected new career paths.
  • Students can use the space in their high school schedule for independent study time, or get extra help in subjects they find particularly challenging.

This Grade 9 Credit Option gives Fern Hill students a unique advantage in a high school system where mandatory course loads leave little room for choosing and exploring additional options for university course direction.

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