Why attend an Open House?

Preschool – Fern Hill’s Preschool offers a nurturing and educational environment for young children and begins when a child is turning 3 years of age. Open Houses can be valuable opportunities for parents and children to get acquainted with the school, its teachers and the overall atmosphere. It is important for parents to feel confident in the educational setting they choose for their children and events like these can help in making that decision. ​

Primary – If your child is enrolled in a primary programme where the level of play outweighs the level of instruction, you may find yourself filling your child’s thirst for learning during family time or with extra-curricular activities.  At an Open House, you will see see how Fern Hill’s programme adds a level of structure that introduces early reading and math skills in a way that excites a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. You will have an opportunity to speak to the specialized teachers who compliment the core academic programme with Music, Drama, Visual Art, French, Mandarin and Phys. Ed.

When it’s time for a change – If your child is already enrolled in a school but does not seem to be flourishing, you may be looking for a new approach that will find their passion and re-engage their love of learning. An Open House gives you one-on-one access to each of our subject teachers who can discuss their levels of expectation and how they engage and lead a new student along our academic path to grade 8.

Whether you are looking to make a decision for an immediate enrolment or for next September, an Open House is a great way to gain an initial understanding of what makes Fern Hill different from other programmes.

We look forward to meeting you and your children!