Programmes of Excellence

Fern Hill fosters an atmosphere in which knowledge means more than the accumulation of basic concepts, skills and facts. Our educational programme is comprised of strong academics, broad-based social development and some signature programmes. Parents tell us that our commitment to a well-rounded education is what sets our school apart.

We never know where passion will find its source so we supplement our core academic programme with a myriad of extras that ensure each child encounters a broad range of experiences.

Math Contests

Math Contests
Fern Hill students in Grades 3 through 8 who are Mathematics enthusiasts participate annually in our Math Contests Clubs. Our students are taught by our team of Mathematics teachers to prepare for the rigors of the Math Competitions of Mathematica.

Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly happens every morning and is a perfect start to our day
Students take on the various roles of announcer, reporters, performers; sharing their talents in front of their peers.

French: Preschool – Grade 8

French is taught to all students in Preschool to Grade 8
Our program focuses on giving our students the vocabulary, the structural knowledge to speak French fluently


The introduction of Mandarin to our programme
The minds of preschool students are flexible, and wired to acquire language skills easily, this is why we introduce Mandarin early.

Field Studies

Connecting students to their natural world
The Primary Programme focuses on nurturing the child’s innate sense of wonder through integrating nature into their activities.

Music/Band Programme

Our band performs at many school functions
Our music program builds knowledge of the theory, rhythm, vocal and performance aspects of music.


Having the arts in young people’s lives is essential
Parents sing to their babies, dance with their toddlers, and occupy children with crayons and paper.

International Travel – Round Square

Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental awareness
Fern Hill is a regional member of Young Round Square of the Americas, a junior level association of Round Square International Schools.


Creates friendly competition, camaraderie, school spirit
The houses engage in many friendly, fun and sometimes wacky challenges throughout the school year.