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As Head of School at Burlington Campus, I enjoy the luxury of finding a few moments in each day to reflect on what I see in and around the school. On a monthly basis, or when inspiration strikes, I like to share my observations, ideas or personal learning with our families in hopes that they provide some transparency into school life at Fern Hill as it relates to students, staff and parents. If these passages provide clarity or helpful ideas, I am grateful. If they provoke questions, I welcome your calls or visits to my office.

Parent-Teacher Interviews: Focus on what’s critical to you.

One of our core values at Fern Hill School speaks to the importance of working with parents:We believe that children develop best when there is an active and willing partnership between school and family.That partnership manifests itself in many different ways throughout the year, including during parent-teacher interviews. In just a few days, you will have an opportunity to connect with the teachers, discuss your child’s progress, and to continue to build that partnership. One of the most frequent comments I hear about parent-teacher interviews is that there is rarely enough time to have an...

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Children’s Possible Selves: Helping children reflect and plan

The approaching Thanksgiving weekend is a chance to slow down and, as parents, ask ourselves: Have we had at least one longer, reflective, supportive, and introspective conversation with our children about school? By now the children are once again fully immersed in school routines. After the carefree summer holidays, the school has now become a key part of their identity. It’s the perfect time to delve deeper and explore how they’re doing. They’ve had four full weeks to get back into the daily school routine and to get to know all their teachers and their expectations. They may have already...

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